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Printer doesn't recognize toner/cartridge?

Printer doesn't recognize cartridge? Follow this step-by-step plan!

This step-by-step plan is for when you have trouble installing the cartridges. Error messages such as "Incompatible cartridge" or "Missing cartridge" can be solved with the following manual. Print quality problems will be dealt with in the next article.

(If you are a more technical person, you have probably tried some of the steps below. For the sake of completeness, we recommend following each step. It may be a bit boring, but this is the only way to rule out all problems.)

Step-by-step plan for ink cartridges

1. Is it actually the cartridge that has been delivered/ordered?

Check that you have received the cartridges you ordered. Compare the item number of the product with the number on the packing slip or in your email confirmation.

2) Is the cartridge suitable for this printer?

Is your printer on the box? Or is your printer listed under "Suitable printers" on our website? It may happen that the order or delivery is incorrect.

3) Have all stickers been removed from the cartridge?

With many cartridges, a sticker and sometimes a plastic protection shell must be removed. To be on the safe side, we advise you to remove all stickers from the cartridge.

4) Has the cartridge been installed in the right place?

It is important that the cartridge is installed in the right place in the printer. A black cartridge can only be installed on the spot for black cartridges and cyan only on cyan. Many printers have a sticker on the printer with which cartridge to put where. If in doubt, please consult the manufacturer's website.

5) Check that the print head is in contact with the printer.

If your cartridge contains a print head, make sure that the copper contacts are in contact with the printer. Also, immediately check for any dirt on these contacts and, if necessary, clean them carefully with a dry cloth.

6) Clean the cartridge contacts

Use a slightly damp cotton swab (or ribbon-free cloth) to clean the copper contact points (1) or chip of the cartridge. There is also a chance that there is a layer of oxidation on the cartridge. This can be removed with the eraser from the cartridge package.

It is important that the cartridge is dry before you reinstall it. Let it dry for at least 10 minutes.

7) Do other cartridges need to be replaced?

It may happen that other (empty) cartridges cause problems. Are all other cartridges recognized and full? If not, replace it if necessary.

8) Cleaning the cartridge's chip

It may happen that the chip is a little dirty. This is certainly not difficult to solve. All you have to do is put your finger on the chip a few times.

9) Tried everything? Try this!

It will surprise you how many problems can be solved by reinstalling the cartridges (again). Although it sounds superfluous, follow these steps completely!
1) Take your cartridge out of the printer >>
2) Shut down your PC >>
3) Disconnect the printer from the PC >>
4) Remove the power cable from the printer for 5 minutes>>.
5) Remove the USB cable.

After waiting for a few seconds, you can reconnect everything and reinstall the cartridge. Check that the cartridge is securely fastened (you should hear a "click"). If your printer has a reset function, now is the right time to do it.

Step-by-step plan for toner cartridges

1) Have all stickers been removed?

As with ink cartridges, make sure that the sticker/tape is completely removed from the toner.

2) Does the printer know that the toner has been replaced?

With many laser printers it is necessary to use the software on the computer to indicate that the toner cartridge has been replaced. When the sticker is removed it is possible for the toner to be transferred to the paper during printing.

With toner cartridges, little can go wrong. If you are still having trouble installing and recognizing the toner, the problem is probably caused by the chip.

Do not be alarmed if your printer reports that "non-original" or "compatible" cartridges have been installed. This message can often be clicked away on the computer.